Fuck it. Dream it. Live it.

Fuck it.
Fuck what all people say. Fuck what all people think.
Let me be me. Let you be you.

Why do I always let myself be influenced by others and especially by society?

Fuck right, fuck wrong.
Let’s make my own definition of life.

What about starting tomorrow, next week or next year?
Fuck it. I should’ve been started already.

“We all dream but only some wake up and work hard to make their dreams come true. Many times you’re discouraged by people around you telling you what you’re capable of doing and not and some might be harsh enough to make you feel unworthy of yourself.

When someone tells you that your dream will be impossible to come true, tell them you do not know what impossible is!

When someone laughs at your dream and says that you’re uneducated to achieve it tell them that many of the genius people who changed the world were also uneducated!

Always dream your dreams big and do everything you possibly can to make your dream come true! If you do not will to take the first step, you will never be able to climb up the staircase.” (squidoo.com)

Amen!!! 😉

Damn, I just realised I made a big mistake by choosing security above living my dream.
And damn, I did that too often already.
What about you? Do you dare to be honest with yourself admitting you did / do the same?
And even more, are you willing to change? Are you willing to give security up for your dreams?
How much are your dreams worth? Or are they only just a dream?

Think about it…


But I guess not all days can go easy. That’s just life…
Let’s do a small update:

I still haven’t got a farm to go grape picking. There is one that supposed to call me one of these days but I didn’t hear from them yet. Than, yesterday, by coincidence, I met some old friends again and had dinner. I told them about my plans and they told me they know some farmers and they called some. They might even go with me with their mobilhome, all great but I’m becoming impatient… Please somebody:: bite my bait please!!

My cat is better. Fortunately. But still doesn’t eat well.

This evening I read my mailbox: I received a job offer on which I supposed to answer this afternoon, I guess. Because during the weekend they are closed and on Monday they are supposed to decide who gets the job. Oh my god, why haven’t I answer this mail before? They offer an administration job at an expedition company for € 1671 for a month!!!! (About 2000 USD)

And above all, it started raining again .. Pff!

Well, I guess it’s not my day today. Hopefully some good things are on their way…

But to give this post a positive message after all:

I guess you have to go with the flow. Swimming against the waves, has never brought anyone quickly ashore….

Bless you, my friends.

Be like the Veterinarian

For those who didn’t know yet, I have two cats, Minou & Biscuit. They are 2 years old now and they have a blue color, because they are Chartreux.


A few days ago, Biscuit (left) got sick. I went to the veterinarian with her but a few days later she still wasn’t getting better at all. So today, I made another apointment and this evening I went back there with her. She appeared to be allergic to the antibiotics…
Anyway, that’s just some background information.

While I was sitting in the waiting room, and I saw all the animals coming together there with their bosses, I started thinking again. Wasn’t this my dreamjob? Why did I never go for it? What makes me think I wasn’t able or good enough to become a veterinarian?

I realised: believing I wasn’t, was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. Because it’s a booming business but above all one of my biggest passions and gifts: my talent to interact with animals!!! It’s something unique which I didn’t develop because I didn’t believe in it.

I realised: the only reason why it wasn’t possible, is because that was my conviction. The good thing is that I realised that I can be whatever I want to be and I don’t think it’s too late. Is it ever too late to change from black to white to go for what your heart truely longs to be? NO! Ofcourse not!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m going to quit my current Tourism & Recreation Management studies, because I really really enjoy those ones, but it makes me feel good, comfortable, safe and free to know that there is always a way, as long as you see the way… Hmm.. Yes, that’s it: you can only see what you want to see.

Right now, I see opportunities and chances in things I given up long time ago.

For example, another dream and passion: travelling the world for my job, writing about destinations and making photos to write articles for magazines or guide books or web pages. Who said that is not possible? My f*cked up mind that is convinced that “those good days are over”, that “everybody wants that kind of job”, that “I’m not special enough to be the chosen one to do that”, that “a lot of writers are way better”, and “a lot of photographers are waaaaaayyy better” and especially “you cannot make a living of that”. You know what I mean obviously…

Hell no! There are people doing this kind of jobs, there is always possibility and opportunity. But oh my god, if you don’t believe in it Julie!! (and now I’m getting angry at myself), how the hell do you ever think you can achieve those goals??? Show your guts and come on: believe in it, because if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will starts doing. Self assurance attracts assurance of others, no?

You get what you give, they say. Well, I’m giving you this blog now. A good start, and maybe I get recognition one day. And if not, at least I try.  So please people, best readers, do the same. Whether you want to be the veterinarian, the writer, the photographer, the traveller of something totally different. I am sure everybody has a quite dream inside him which whispers silenty to come out, but which is kept quiet because there is not believed in them.

Give them hope, love them and embrace them both arms. Those little dreams keep us warm.

From Julie, with Love.

P.S. : Dear friends, you can be anything you wanna be.
What matters is DETERMINATION!