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It’s been a long time since I was this nervous. So nervous that I became dizzy of it, that I needed to sit down for a while. Probably because I am in the starting blocks of what might be the most positive-exciting that ever happened in my life until now. The adventure has started, even though I am still spending my last hours in Belgium. My bags are packed and ready. I have re-packed them almost 3 times, with again and again choosing, doubting and selecting and everything that you can imagine that comes along with it. This will not be just a long backpack trip nor a regular holiday. This is really like (temporary) moving out, emigrating. Winter and summer clothes, shoes, too many books too choose from and especially too much weight. Too little hands to carry it all. A human does not need a lot to live from/with, but the luggage that he carries – literally and figuratively – can count anyway!

Choosing is losing, an often used expression that I honestly don’t really like that much. Choosing is more like a risk, but a risk just gives the opportunity at the same time. That’s why choosing is more winning to me… What I mean is: I could have stayed home too this semester, make it easier to myself and don’t learn any Spanish. Keep my dreams for what they are, according to the famous Dutch singer Marco Borsato the most dreams are deception. But I learned a while ago that I shouldn’t listen too often to those kind of ‘sources of inspiration’. Write your own history, be a source of inspiration for others and be so happy that other become happy by seeing your happiness. This mission, vision, goal and mood, accompanied by the necessary dose of nerves, stress and adrenaline make that I am officially giving my highly personal take-off of 5 months Erasmus in Spain! Am I ready? Never enough! So yes, here we go… Olé!



Ik ben een lange tijd niet meer zo zenuwachtig geweest. Zo zenuwachtig dat ik er duizelig van word en even moet gaan zitten. Wellicht omdat ik nu in de startblokken sta van wat wel eens het positief-spannendste tot hiertoe in mijn prille leven, zou kunnen zijn.  Het avontuur is begonnen, ook al ben ik nog mijn laatste uurtjes in België aan het doorbrengen. De koffers staan klaar. Ik heb ze tot 3 keer toe al her-ingepakt met opnieuw en opnieuw kiezen, twijfelen, selecteren en al wat je je kan voorstellen dat daarbij komt kijken. Dit wordt geen lange trektocht noch een gewone vakantie, realiseer ik me dan. Het is echt wel een (weliswaar tijdelijke) verhuis. Winter- en zomer- kleren- en schoenen, teveel boeken om uit te kiezen en vooral teveel gewicht. Te weinig handen om het allemaal te dragen. Een mens heeft niet veel nodig om (van) te leven, maar de bagage die hij – zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk – met zich meedraagt, kan toch wel tellen (en doorwegen).

Kiezen is verliezen. Een vaak gebruikt spreekwoord dat me eerlijk gezegd niet zo bevalt. Kiezen is een risico maar een risico biedt juist zoveel opportuniteiten tegelijkertijd, dat het toch meer weg heeft van winnen. Dus: kiezen is winnen voor mij. Wat ik bedoel is: ik had ook thuis kunnen blijven deze semester, het mezelf makkelijker kunnen maken en geen Spaans leren. Mijn dromen laten voor wat ze zijn, volgens Marco Borsato zijn ze toch maar bedrog… Iets in mij zei al langer om niet teveel te luisteren naar dat soort ‘bronnen van inspiratie’. Schrijf je eigen geschiedenis, wees inspiratie voor de ander en wees zo gelukkig dat anderen gelukkig worden van jouw geluk te zien. Deze missie, visie en gemoedstoestand, gepaard met de nodige dosis zenuwen, stress en adrenaline, maken dat ik officieel het startschot geef aan 5 maanden Erasmus in Spanje! Ben ik er klaar voor? Nooit genoeg! Dus ja, hier gaan we dan maar… Olé!


Write your own history, be a source of inspiration for others and be so happy that other become happy by seeing your happiness.



And of course.. The loves of my life are not so happy and me neither 😦


On schedule

DO’s & DONE’s Before I Leave…



  • Roommates: check! (American & Spanish… Perfect combination!!)
  • Big suitcase: delivered yesterday!
  • Meeting arrangements with friends & family in Spain: all set and done! (Karine in February, grandmother & aunts in March, Kim in March, …)
  • Ticket home: check April! 4 days to Belgium.
  • Sleepover with my godchild before I leave
  • Final appointment at my hairdresser (she’s the best, don’t wanna miss her so long!)
  • Application for my internship (planned for 2014): Ecuador, Peru or Nicaragua –> as long as it is far, Spanish and awesome, I’m fine with it! 😉
  • Distribution of the plants in my appartment: check!
  • Learned my mother how to Skype >> Mission only half accomplished (she has no webcam hahahaha)


  • One way ticket Valencia – Brussels: never wanna book it!!!! 
  • Driving license classes: needed for this summer
  • Extra piece of luggage at the airline I’m flying with (way too much to carry to Spain!)
  • Final dates with all my friends…. My agenda is becoming overloaded
  • Cancelling my telecommunication contracts + bringing all the stuff back to the store
  • Final big cleaning session at my house (any volunteer?…)




  • Business Economics
  • Applied Informatics 2: Microsoft Office – Excel
  • Travel Technology
  • English for Tourism: Focus on the US & Canada
  • Statistics
  • Spanish 2 (college)


  • Travel Industry Law
  • Travel Insurances
  • Aviation
  • Spanish 2 (university)
  • Leisure Management

Thumbs up for me !

A place to call home…

Where I will live the next 5 months… Some pictures:

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A (Faraway) place like this

I need an island in the sea,
Away from you away from me,
Beyond the waves beyond the wind,
Beyond the world that we live in,
Under skies of shining stars,
Away from lights and noisy cars,
Above the egos and the stress,
Beyond the world we made a mess.
A place for me a place for you,
An earth that’s green a sky that’s blue,
A place for you a place for me,
An open sky and light blue sea,
With dreams as solid as the ground,
A place like this I think I’ve found.
A happy thought no one can take it,
A place like this is where we make it.

I need a mountain in the sky,
Just beneath where angels fly,
Where snowflakes falling on the ground,
Is the most disruptive sound,
Above the waves above the wind,
Above the world that we live in,
Above my life above the stress,
Where I can lay it all to rest,
Under skies of falling snow,
Just above the world below,
Just above the trees and birds,
A place I can’t describe in words.

An empty place that’s so appealing,
How’d I get this stupid feeling?
Bad ideas come and go,
But none as potent as the snow,
I need no island in the sea,
Just the things that make me me.
I need no mountain in the sky,
Just to laugh try not to cry,
Forget these far off fantasies,
And manifest as realities,
Reach out and grab it in good time,
Seize the moment make it mine,
Catch the moment make it last.
Just be grateful when it’s past.

Sensations as real as the wind,
Try not to be sad when it ends.
A happy thought no one can take it,
A time like this is when we make it.
I need an island in the sea,
And all of that which makes me me.

Source: www.PoetryInNature.com


At this point, I do not know where I am going because it is not the destination, it is the story that I’m going to write that will guide me through life. Only one thing about that is for sure, it will be an enrichment for whatever is next…!

via Erasmus.

WATCH THIS:::: A sitcom about the erasmus life in Gandia, Spain, made by erasmusstudents by the UPV universidad politecnica de Gandia.