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01/02/13-01/07/13 >>> Julie in Spain >>> Follow it all live at this blog.


From February 1st until July 1st, 2013.


I will be living, studying, going to school, travelling, eating, partying, … and writing this blog from another place in the world.

It all started with a simple application with many implications…

I’ve signed up for the Erasmus Exchange Program, a great opportunity for university students – like me – to spend 3 up to 12 months in another European country while studying towards their degree. It’s a great programme for students that want to live abroad, experience a foreign culture, meet new people and learn a foreign language.

And due to my great school results of the first academic year, my passion for Spanish speaking countries, my dedication and motivation… I made it to the lucky few!!!


My home adress will be somewhere near Playa de Gandía, near the beautiful city of Valencia, in SPAIN!

My Erasmus university will be “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – Campus de Gandia”.


Currently, I’m studying a bachelor degree in Tourism and Leisure Management in Belgium, where I live. I started this study in 2011, after I graduated from high school – where I also studied tourism. Once I heard about the Erasmus possibility, I immediately wanted to go for it!

My previous travel trips in as well Europe as Central America had made me excited for more. And I was dreaming of discovering new horizons and passionately working on my Spanish skills. Above that, Belgium does not really offer nice weather and Spain does! And that said, I still have left the quality of life out of consideration! 😉

Why I really want to go is because the unknown inspires me. At this point, I do not know where I am going because it is not the destination, it is the story that I’m going to write that will guide me through life. Only one thing about that is for sure, it will be an enrichment for whatever is next…!

Erasmus Gandia

May the sun and happiness be with me!


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