A (f*cked up) Love Poem

Goodbye my friend, Goodbye my lover


It’s hard to say goodbye, to tell myself I don’t need you anymore

I still haven’t find out where you were stuck: in my heart of in my mind

I can’t figure it out – I lost my proud

I exchanged love for a passion, you became my toy instead of my right hand

You were my back-up plan, but you didn’t make a chance as my man

In my mind, I fucked you and I mind-fucked you

More and more

I wanted to be more, I felt more, there was nothing more

Whenever you walked out the door

I only remember two moments

On the floor, Once fucking – Once crying


They say 1 + 1 is 2 but together we were a fucking rollercoaster

You made me crazy

Oh yes and I was crazy about you

But damn I still wonder did I love you

Or did I love it

Feeling like a mess because of your shit

They say shit happens

And life ‘s a bitch

You’re the shit, I’m a bitch

I’m living and you just happened

Guess it was all worth it in

the end

Because now I know finally

That I was wrong and that the right thing is to leave you behind

It is time to unwind

Fuck it. Dream it. Live it.

Fuck it.
Fuck what all people say. Fuck what all people think.
Let me be me. Let you be you.

Why do I always let myself be influenced by others and especially by society?

Fuck right, fuck wrong.
Let’s make my own definition of life.

What about starting tomorrow, next week or next year?
Fuck it. I should’ve been started already.

“We all dream but only some wake up and work hard to make their dreams come true. Many times you’re discouraged by people around you telling you what you’re capable of doing and not and some might be harsh enough to make you feel unworthy of yourself.

When someone tells you that your dream will be impossible to come true, tell them you do not know what impossible is!

When someone laughs at your dream and says that you’re uneducated to achieve it tell them that many of the genius people who changed the world were also uneducated!

Always dream your dreams big and do everything you possibly can to make your dream come true! If you do not will to take the first step, you will never be able to climb up the staircase.” (squidoo.com)

Amen!!! 😉

Damn, I just realised I made a big mistake by choosing security above living my dream.
And damn, I did that too often already.
What about you? Do you dare to be honest with yourself admitting you did / do the same?
And even more, are you willing to change? Are you willing to give security up for your dreams?
How much are your dreams worth? Or are they only just a dream?

Think about it…